Literally it took 3 days for my 9 year old son to master his 4,6,7,8,9’s when it has taken years for him to learn his 5 and 2 x tables. Cannot praise this enough 10/10
Amazon verified purchaser, 19/1/18

Just buy it!

Bought this for my son, it’s like magic! Don’t worry about how it works just go for it! I have been a teacher for 22 years, wish I had known about it before now. It does work-simple as that 👍
lizmathmax, Amazon verified purchaser, 1/4/18

A must read!!!

Honestly I could cry with joy. Having struggled for the past three years with re-enforcement of maths with my now 7 year old, we have found a tool to help and inspire. She understood the concept straight away and enjoys recalling the stories and linking them to her sums. I cannot thank the author enough, thank you thank you thank you.
EmmaC, Amazon verified purchaser, 19/9/18